Purissima Vodka

Half Moon Bay Distillery is proud to introduce our first top-shelf product to the Bay Area - Purissima Vodka.

Purissima Vodka is an ultra-premium, small batch vodka, distilled and bottled by an artisan craft distillery on the California coast. This flagship product of Half Moon Bay Distillery may well be the finest vodka produced by California’s blossoming craft distillery movement. Distilled from 100% grain, this unusual vodka is crafted from wheat with just a touch of malted barley, which gives it its exceptionally smooth and silky “mouthfeel”. Bottled at 40% (80 proof), this “smooth as silk” vodka is one of the finest examples of true craft distilling.

Purissima Vodka is now available at many of the finest bars and restaurants on the coast, as well as many Bay Area retail locations. For a complete list of where you can find Purissima Vodka, please click the "Where to Buy" link on our home page. And don't forget to sign up for our email newsletter for updates on new products, developments and events at the distillery!


The town of Purissima was founded almost 200 years ago along the Pacific coast of San Mateo County in California, only a few miles south from our distillery. It was one of the earliest settlements along the coast, and the little town soon flourished. But during rainy winters, Purissima was flooded by a nearby creek, and many of the homes were destroyed. This natural catastrophe, combined with economic hardship and competition with other newly settled towns along the coast, led to the complete abandonment of Purissima. By the late 1930’s, Purissima had become a ghost town. The only present-day reminder of the once vibrant town is the cemetery, which is unmarked and only accessible to those who diligently search for it.

While ghost hunters have repeatedly tried to communicate with spirits at the site of the ghost town of Purissima, we congratulate you on having made an excellent choice when it comes to spirits – you are holding a bottle of Purissima Vodka in your hands right now, aren’t you?